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Scotland, Grangemouth


Grangemouth, Scotland

Surrounded by the oil and gas industry on three sides, the town of Grangemouth is almost invisible on the horizon. The Ineos Oil Refinery and associated plant have constant plumes of steam, and flares which light up the sky nearly every night.

The town of Grangemouth developed from a port town, with workers moving to the area to work for the oil and chemical industries in the 1950’s and 60’s. In the 1970s and 80’s the town was known as Scotland’s Boom Town with the discovery of North Sea Oil.

Today, the workforce in the industry is reduced to the bare minimum and contractors are shipped in for maintenance. Residents no longer benefits from having the industry as its next door neighbour.

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The Ineos Oil Refinery and associated plant on the horizon.

Nurdles are small pellets of plastic, the size of a lentil, which serve as raw material in the manufacturing of plastic products. When a nurdle spill occurs, it pollutes the environment and is dangerous for wildlife. Marine animals often mistake nurdles for food.

Residents organize a nurdle hunt at the Kinneil Nature Reserve, in an attempt to clean up the beach that is covered in nurdles.

Norman Philips

Resident of Grangemouth

Members of the community are concerned by the negative impacts nurdles have on the environment. It is difficult to know for sure where the nurdle spills come from and therefore who is to blame.

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Shot on location with the help of Friends of the Earth Falkirk.

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