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Argentina, Ingeniero White


Ingeniero White, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Ingeniero White is a town located less than 5 kilometers from Bahía Blanca in the southern part of the province of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. For many years, the city had access to the sea until, in the 1970s, the coast began being privatized for the creation of a mega petrochemical pole.

Currently there are dozens of companies that are dedicated to the production of granulated urethane, polyurethane, a polyvinyl chloride and caustic soda, phenol and solvents, among others.

Within the framework of the transformation of the territory, the more the petrochemical pole expanded, the more negative impacts occurred on the quality of life and environment of the community.

What had been promised to be progress actually brought discharge of effluents into the estuary, chlorine and ammonia leaks, explosions within the companies, changes to the marine flora and fauna, and negative impacts on the health of the local community.

Upstream Community Stories

Titi Sedrani

Hairdresser and local businesswoman

Says that the industry sights were badly built and says current security procedures for the residents are absurd.

Titi Sedrani walks from her home to her hairdresser shop.

Two fishermen walk within the Port of Ingeniero White to the smaller port of Piojo. The fishing activity has almost disappeared because of contaminants in the water. Fishermen are no longer able to make a living with their catch.
Hector Seijas

Fisherman from Port Piojo in the Port of Ingeniero White, says that the number of boats have decreased and that the fish no longer come near the port.

Ricardo Luis Pasquali

Fisherman from Port Piojo in the Port of Ingeniero White, says that fishing used to sustain all of the local villages, but now less and less boats go out because of the cost of getting to where the fish are.

Lucas Beier


Describes the case that he brought to court for the 52 fishermen of Ingeniero White. The court case is ongoing and could drag on for 10 years without reaching a resolution. Meanwhile nothing changes and companies continue to pollute with impunity.

Television archives commemorating the chlorine leak of 08/12/2000.

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