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Nigeria, Odimodi


Odimudi, Nigeria

The delta in Nigeria is one of the most polluted regions in the world; it is estimated that more oil is spilled across this region each year than what was spilled in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

Odimodi, and surrounding communities, are hosts to Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), Agip and other sub companies.

A Shell oil spill continues to impact the community’s daily life, over 2 years after the spill.
Fishing, periwinkle gathering and basket weaving are essential for the livelihoods of the villagers, but the waterways remain polluted and the local ecosystem has been destroyed. In order to survive, inhabitants must put themselves at risk by venturing deeper out to sea and further upstream.

The true amount of oil spilled, and oil damage to the communities and the environment, remains unknown.

Upstream Community Stories

Akin Idisemi DC

Youth president of Odimodi and its federated communities speaks of the polluted environment the community lives in and the complete lack of government action on the issue.

The remaining fish swim up the drainage system in search of fresh rain water. Since fish are scarce, the villagers try to catch them there.

Endurance Lapa

Odimodi villager and fisherwoman, demands that the people who polluted the water return it to its original state, so that people can fish again.

Erein Owiye

Odimodi villager and fisherwoman, Says that with no fish in the water, the community is dying.

Shell fixes its pipeline near the village.

Happiness Maxwell and Etolor Peter, Odimodi villagers.

Because of the oil spill, villagers need to travel further and further upstream to fish. Two people have lost their lives to snake bites, unable to return to the village fast enough for treatment.

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Shot on location with the help of from the Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria.

Learn more on their website.

The team could not get close to the facilities, due to army combatants guarding the area.

Furthermore, the creeks of the Niger Delta are home to gangs of young men who allegedly work for the oil industry. This was made evident when the team was attacked, cornered and forced to delete the content on their phones. The team managed to save only some of the videos from the shoot.

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