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Ecuador, Piñas, Canton of El Oro Province



In the province of El Oro, a commonwealth was formed between the cantons Piñas, Atahualpa, Portovelo and Zaruma, to manage garbage. They created a public company that located the dump in the “El Chiche” area of ​​the Piñas canton.

This dump was imposed without respecting the right to consultation. Its malfunction causes garbage to be scattered along the entire route through the canton. Locals denounce that guayacán trees were felled in order to build the dumpsite. These trees are an endangered species and form part of the dry forest in the area.

The community has not had access to the studies that endorsed the granting of environmental permits for the construction of the dump.

Recently, a conservation and sustainable use area (ACUS) was established on Cerro La Chuva, where the sanitary landfill area is located, and this was also not taken into account for the establishment of the dump.

Downstream Community Stories

María Elena Molina describes how surprised she and the community were when they found out about the dumpsite.

Angel Rogelio Torres speaks about the sanitary issues linked to the dumpsite. He lives by the road with the trucks passing by every day.

A truck filled with waste drives up the mountain.

Angel Rogelio Torres speaks about the health issues linked to the dumpsite, with the growing number of flies.

Juan Pablo Aguilar speaks of the impacts the dump has on the community, and that the bad smell causes diseases.

Darling Matamorros describes the impacts the dump has on the ecosystem, with trees cut down to let the trucks by.

Rare guayacán trees were felled to make room for the dumpsite.

Juan Pablo Aguilar says that the leachate exuding from the dumpsite is not being properly dealt with.

A truck transporting waste up to the dumpsite.

Danny Galarza says the trucks bother the community and their way of life.

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Shot on location with the help of Alianza Basura Cero Ecuador.

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