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Italy, Livorno


Livorno, Italy

For decades, there have been a number of highly-polluting industrial activities in Livorno, in particular the incinerator which treats 80,000 tons of waste a year.

The long term future of crude distillation in Livorno is currently unclear. Fuel production lines at the Livorno refinery started up again in the summer of 2023, after a few months of maintenance. 

Downstream Community Stories

Roberto Repeti

A local activist

Roberto Repeti sees the tankers out at sea.

Roberto Repeti is joined by Stefano Seghetti, another local activist.

Stefano Seghetti

A local activist

Stefano Seghetti shares his fears about the refinery.

Roberto Repeti continues his walk, towards the incinerator.
Roberto Repeti

A local activist

Roberto Repeti speaks of the negative impact of the incinerator on the environment and the local inhabitants.

Elisa Monelli

A local activist

Elisa Monelli lives near the refinery and speaks of the negative impact it has on the children and their health.

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Shot on location with Zero Waste Italy.

Message from the community: “It is not easy to get permission to visit these plants, the footage was done from outside and this made the municipal police and the incinerator managers suspicious. They kept an eye on us, driving past several times.”

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