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Turkey, Adana


Adana, Turkey

Adana is located in Çukurova, which possesses the most fertile lands in Turkey. However, these fertile lands are being contaminated with plastic waste imported by countries that predominantly export the products grown in the region. Illegal dumping and the burning of these plastic wastes pollute the soil, air, and water resources. Agricultural products grown with these waters also become contaminated. The trade of plastic waste poisons the ecosystem and destroys people’s livelihoods.

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Local resident discovers a dumpsite, Ruzgarli Tepe, filled with plastic waste coming from other European countries.

The area is located at the top of the natural drainage area. When it rains, all of the downstream areas are fed by water coming from this location. An irrigation dam is situated to the North East, and irrigates 85000 hectares of agricultural fields.

Local resident explains how this plastic waste affects the yields of the crops and destroys fertile land.

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Shot on location thanks to Microplastic Research Group.

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