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Kenya, Turkana County


Turkana County, Kenya

The Turkana are found in Northern Kenya, and are a nomadic people. They are largely pastoralists and their traditional way of life is crucial to the sustainability of their livelihoods.

The Turkana are now having to navigate the murky relations that characterize oil extraction as observed in other jurisdictions in Africa.

The footage highlights the negative environmental, social and economic impacts that the petrochemical sector has brought to the community and how it is beginning to change their way of life.

Upstream Community Stories

Ekai Paron and Selina Asekon

Speak during a meeting on the oil activity in the region.
Lowoi Ikweel, in Lokichar

Says that the oil project has brought nothing good to the community, and that they need title deeds for their land.

Wilson Nakauron and Julius Loyolo

Community representatives, exchange on fears around the implementation of the oil project in the region, and its negative impact on the environment, the animals and themselves.

Asekon Ewoi, in Lokichar

Speaks to the lack of transparency of the oil company and how there are no jobs created for the community.

Julius Loyolo shows the latrines built by Tullow

The oil company’s Corporate Social Responsibility is limited to basic infrastructure and does not address the community’s worries about land ownership, health and employment.
Julius Loyolo, at Ngamia One

Shows a water system built by Tullow.

Julius Loyolo, at Ngamia One

Shows a school built by Tullow.

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Shot on location with the help of the Centre for Environment Justice and Development (CEJAD).

Learn more on their website.

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