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Taiwan, Kaohsiung City


Dashe District, Kaohsiung City,Taiwan

The Dashe Petrochemical Industrial Park, operates very closely to the local community. The major pollutants are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which cause high health risks to local residents.

Dashe Petrochemical Industrial Park uses raw materials from southern Kaohsiung, which are transported by pipelines. These pipelines were the main cause of the Kaohsiung Gas Explosion (高雄氣爆) in 2014. The pipelines and the gas tanks used by Dashe Petrochemical Industrial Park still worry Dashe residents.

Because of many work safety accidents, explosions and toxic gas leakages since the late 1970s, the former Minister of Economic Affairs, Chiang Pin-kung, agreed that Dashe Petrochemical Industrial Park should move, along with the fifth light oil cracking plant of CPC Corporation, (since their production process are related). However, Dashe Petrochemical Industrial Park still continues to operate.

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Zhong-Ying Wu

Wants a clear answer from the administration on how they will tackle the issue of pollution and the size of the build out.
Wen-Hong Jiang

Says residential areas should not be so close to an industrial complex.

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