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India, Dahej


Dahej, India

Dahej has multiple petrochemical installations, including a port with an Liquified Natural Gas terminal, a Special Economic Zone and a PCPIR (Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemicals Investment Region). Located in Dahej near the Gulf of Khambhat, the Gujarat PCPIR has received significant investment. It covers 452.98 of land.

Multiple Indian (Reliance, Adani, etc) and multinational (Dow, DuPont, etc) chemical companies have set-up their plants in this region.

Due to the toxic load in the area, local people have complained about the quality of their water and air and have also observed increased incidence of cancer.

Upstream Community Stories

Natu Bhai Macchi


Explains how the fisherman of the area could no longer catch fish after the onslaught of the chemical industry.

Exploration of a polluted river.

Ishwar Bhai Rathod


Speaks of illegal chemical waste disposal and how it has destroyed the fish population.

Exploration of where the estuary meets the sea.

Traveling of the chemical industrial build out.
Yakub Bhai


Explains how chemical plants destroyed the standing crop of cotton and tur-dal.

A pipeline traverses the land.

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