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India, Manali


Manali, India

Manali is a hub of petrochemical industrial units where the Manali Refinery supplies feedstocks to the neighbouring industries.

Manali has been categorised as critically polluted by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) for almost a decade.

The pollution load in this area continues to be high and a recent study titled ‘Poison in the Air’ by CSO (Chennai Climate Action Group) has revealed that the industrial units in this area violated emission standards for more than half the year in 2019.

Upstream Community Stories

M.K. Ilamvazhuthi

Resident of Chennai

Speaks of how the Buckingham Canal was in the 60s, and how the water is now filled with sewage and petroleum waste. Stack emissions have also caused much damage to the environment.

Resident of Vaikkadu

Explains how the Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL) and Manali Petrochemicals Limited (MFL) began their operations, and took the land from the community.


Resident of Vaikkadu

Shares her memories of two temples that were demolished because of the petrochemical build out.

The face masks were made by local youth for Let Chennai Breathe campaign, initiated by Justice Rocks and Chennai Climate Action Group.

Resident of Tiruvottiyur, North Chennai.

Speaks of the strong smell of gas near his home.

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