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India, Eloor


Eloor, India

Clean air and clean drinking water are a thing of the past, in Eloor, a suburb of Kochi, India.

Around 285 polluting industries are operating in Eloor and neighboring Edayar, badly affecting the local ecosystem. Over 100 pipes dump toxic liquids directly into the river Periyar and over 110 exhaust pipes pump poisonous gases into the air.
A study related to fish in the river Periyar showed that fish species have been reduced from 35 to 12. Fisherman used to catch around 3 to 7 kilograms of fish a day, whereas now they find, on average, 300 grams.

The Pollution Control Board has taken no action against these company, despite damning studies, public dismay and organized actions.

Upstream Community Stories

Exploration of the river


Wife of fisherman

Says that it is often difficult to breath and that the chemicals are a real threat to life.



Explains that when he was young he would swim in the river and get good catch every day.


Volunteer of Jana Jagratha Samithi

Explains that governing bodies and the pollution control board do not take action against the pollution despite having been shown proof of its existence.

Salim Kumar

He no longer uses his Chinese net as they are no more fish to catch.

Explains how the pollution from these companies badly affect people’s bodies and how members of the community can no longer be fed by the river.

Close up of two crabs on the river bank

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